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Stay Ahead of the Tech Curve With These Image Search Tips

Modern technology moves fast. Keeping your content current means tracking all the latest tech trends—as well as the visual and verbal language used to communicate them. Here we offer some fresh perspectives on five of today’s biggest tech concepts to help give your communications an image-reboot. Mobile Mobile used to mean phones. Now, it references [...]

Getty Images at 20: a message from Jonathan Klein

A message from Getty Images Co-founder & CEO, Jonathan Klein, on the 20th anniversary of the company

Al Bello shares his career defining moments

Al Bello, Chief Sports Photographer for Getty Images in North America, delivers an informative and inspiring talk about the defining moments of his career.

The March of Time newsreels that made broadcast history

Witness the birth of documentary filmmaking, with the March of Time newsreel. Premiering in American movie theatres in 1935, The March of Time short-subject film series addressed controversial issues never before touched upon in American cinema. Always provocative, often amusing and sometimes outrageous, the series covered news and cultural subjects ranging from religious cults and […]

The future of the video industry

Senior Vice President for Creative Content at Getty Images, Andrew Saunders, shares his insight on the future of the video industry

World War One Remembered

Photographer Peter Macdiarmid travelled to Belgium, France and around the UK to create these stunning image comparisons with pictures taken during World War One.

Setting new standards in sporting coverage

London 2012 saw Getty Images coverage of a major sporting event take another leap forward, in both quantity and quality. Ken Mainardis, our VP in charge of Sports Imagery and Services, talks about how it was done… and will continue to be done.

Innovations behind the iconic images

We’ve been trackside at the IAAF World Championships throughout its 30-year history, using the latest in camera technology to capture iconic sporting moments.

Getty Images interactive video installation: bringing words to life

Glitches in a photo turn image data such as pixels into something tangible, as opposed to delivering a perfect and infinitely reproducible image – it puts the viewer in the moment and asks them to interact and make sense of what they are looking at. Discover how the glitch aesthetic highlights the beauty in imperfections and brings authenticity to your visuals.