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Getty Images photojournalist receives Pulitzer Prize for coverage of Ebola crisis

Getty Images photojournalist Daniel Berehulak has won the 2015 Pulitzer Prize in the Feature Photography category for his work covering the Ebola crisis.

Getty Images’ new CEO: Content pioneer, savvy businesswoman, lifelong storyteller

“We’re in a world now where imagery is the world language. It’s all about the power of the image, the power of storytelling.”   Dawn Airey has a warm smile, a trustworthy handshake and a presence that puts new acquaintances at ease. The former Senior Vice President of Yahoo!’s EMEA business, Airey is the kind […]

Getty Images stands with Charlie Hebdo

Why it’s so important to defend freedom of speech.

Getty Images at 20: a message from Jonathan Klein

A message from Getty Images Co-founder & CEO, Jonathan Klein, on the 20th anniversary of the company

Getty Images CEO: How I fell in love with pictures

“A good picture will leave space for thought, will leave space for dialogue and will be a little bit controversial, but will tell you a part of the story … which you might not otherwise get.” – Jonathan Klein, Getty Images Co-founder and CEO

Getty Images aux côtés de Charlie Hebdo

Pourquoi est-il si important de défendre la liberté d’expression ?

Jonathan Klein, CEO : The advice I received from Nelson Mandela

I grew up in South Africa in the 1960s and ’70s with all the benefits that the evil apartheid system bestowed on those fortunate enough to have white skin. With that came tremendous guilt and, in my case, it was the trifecta—white, Jewish and South African.  I carried my passport and nationality with enormous shame. […]

Who owns that picture? Getty Images CEO talks copyright at Yale

“Our business depends on copyright and a respect for intellectual property,” Getty Images Co-founder and CEO Jonathan Klein said recently at Yale School of Management. “The negative is that people on the Web have been habituated into thinking that intellectual property is free. …. [Now] There’s much more of an appreciation for the fact that […]

Jonathan Klein on why he fell in love with pictures

Co-Founder and CEO of Getty Images, Jonathan Klein shares a collection of his personal favorite images and talks about why they’ve been influential.