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Submitting to film festivals? How to license footage on a budget

Independent filmmakers face plenty of challenges illustrating their creative vision and preparing films for festival submission. Not surprisingly, budget is at the top of the list.

Copyright infringement: how to resolve a Settlement Demand Letter

If you have received a Settlement Demand Letter from Getty Images, take steps to resolve the matter of copyright infringement.

Copyright essentials | Using imagery

Get the copyright essentials you need to know about how copyright works, who owns a copyright and what copyright protects. Turn to this glossary if you need quick information about copyright.

Copyright | Image licensing checklist

This checklist can help ensure you are using images legally. The case studies show why copyright is so important to protecting creative works.

Copyright and You

Copyright guidelines for images vary depending on how you plan to use them. Learn more about how copyright may apply to you.

What do those copyright and trademark symbols really mean?

You might know what the copyright and trademark symbols are. But what do they mean and when can you use them?

Using images from the web | A guide to “Fair Use”

People commonly repost images to flesh out their text, point out something cool, or serve as a good backdrop to their website. Some even do it as a way to gain popularity online.

Licensing images: The power of the famous face

A campaign can be lifted from the ordinary to the extraordinary with a unique archival image, featuring a famous face, or historic moment. But what’s involved in accessing images like this?

Finding images on the Web

Finding images on the Web: A quick internet search will bring up millions of images, many of which might be perfect for your project. Can you just download them and use them for free? We look at the issue of image copyright.