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Stay Ahead of the Tech Curve With These Image Search Tips

Modern technology moves fast. Keeping your content current means tracking all the latest tech trends—as well as the visual and verbal language used to communicate them. Here we offer some fresh perspectives on five of today’s biggest tech concepts to help give your communications an image-reboot. Mobile Mobile used to mean phones. Now, it references [...]

How mobile photography has shifted what pics your customers want to see

Today we’re in an all-consuming visual interchange, where visuals rule as the language of the 21st century. Photos, graphics and videos are now integral to our daily life, led by smartphones, and fueled by the changing way we consume and interact with media. The main catalysts for change have come through social sites and apps [...]

Keep your holiday images relevant with these 6 trends

The way brands visualize the holiday season is shifting. No longer is it acceptable to rely solely on images of families sharing perfectly wrapped gifts around a Christmas tree; brands are celebrating diversity and localism. And with that comes a much broader range of holiday imagery. In addition to subject matter, the way people make […]

Webinar | Small screen, big picture: How to make a visual impact on mobile

Watch our webinar to discover how to select the right visual content to make an impact with your brand’s mobile experience

Connecting to the crowd: tapping into the power of sport with visual storytelling

Five ways that brands can use sports imagery to engage with their customers

Celebrating Getty Images Moment mobile app turning one

Explore some of the images that have been captured from the contributors using the Getty Images Moment Mobile app after it’s first year.

Getty Images Stream: Beautiful imagery has never been easier

Exploring the world through imagery is now only a click away thanks to the desktop launch of the Getty Images Stream application.

Augmented reality | How brands are pushing the boundaries of mobile interaction

We caught up with Andy White from Spectre to talk about augmented reality and what this means for brands trying to connect with consumers.

Mobile marketing | How imagery is shaping the way brands communicate with consumers

A look at why brands are now beginning to shift their marketing focus towards a more mobile first outlook, with greater importance being given to visual communication.

Mobile First | How brands can make use of mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the key trends to come out of 2014 with many brands now fully realizing the power of mobile and the technology driving it.

Cómo las imágenes pueden hacer que conectes más con tu público a través del móvil

Los móviles se están convirtiendo en el catalizador de las actividades de marketing de las marcas ya que más dispositivos y características permiten que las compañías muestren contenido visual de una forma más efectiva.

How visuals can drive a mobile connection

Mobile is now becoming the driving force behind brand’s marketing activities as more powerful handsets and features allow companies to showcase visual content more effectively.