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Remembering Prince: “I almost got my butt kicked by security”

This photo of Prince is one of Larry Busacca’s favorites. But the story of how he got the shot is one of ours: Embed from Getty Images “It was 1991 and I was shooting Prince at Madison Square Garden when I was just starting out in my career,” said Busacca, who is now an award-winning […]

What I learned in 72 hours at SXSW 2016

With its whirlwind of music, film, advertising and tech, this year’s SXSW festival personified the 2016 media landscape: Noisy. Brands (and bands) battled for audience attention like cockroaches fighting for a piece of grease. Traveling between venues in the sweltering heat, you could easily reach max saturation, as marketers competed for shares, likes, demographic data […]

As real as it gets: Janette Beckman’s hip-hop portraits are a (deli) window to another time

We talk to photographer Janette Beckman about her seminal work in the early days of hip-hop capturing artists such as Salt-N-Pepa, Run DMC and Grandmaster Flash.

Behind this Kanye photo: Finding beauty amid chaos

 “I want to make everyone looking at these images feel what I’m feeling.” The entertainment industry isn’t particularly known for predictability and calmness. But photographer Christopher Polk likes it that way. “I thrive off chaos. To be able to create amazing imagery with all these elements stacked against you is so rewarding,” he said. “I […]

From Metallica to Bjork: 5 photographers, 5 stories behind their rock star images

Photographers share their stories of 2015 festival headliners.

Year in Focus | Favorite music photography of 2014

Assignment Editor Tabatha Fireman gives her selection of some of the best music photography in 2014.

A look back at the stars of the original Band Aid single

As the Band Aid 30 single is released, we look back at the first recording done in 1984 and the stars such as Bono, Bob Geldof and Sting, who were involved.

My front cover picture on The Times

Tim Whitby discusses his picture of Joss Stone in rehearsal for a performance at the Royal Albert Hall, that made the cover of The Times newspaper.

Editor’s Picks | Best of the MTV Europe Music Awards 2014

The MTV Europe Music Awards 2014 took place in Glasgow, Scotland on November 9th. Our In-house photographers captured all the moments from the red carpet to the stage.  Here’s our Editor’s choice of the top pictures:  

Christie Goodwin: Life on tour with Katy Perry, One Direction and Taylor Swift

What’s it like to call Taylor Swift or Katy Perry the boss? We find out from tour photographer Christie Goodwin.

Meet our videographer for the MTV Europe Music Awards 2014

Meet Ming Yeung, the videographer at Getty Images who will be responsible for capturing all the red carpet action at this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards in Glasgow. Find out what the challenges of shooting are and how he must work against the clock to get the footage out for the world to see.

Dave Hogan tells the story behind these MTV EMA moments

Photographer Dave Hogan has been shooting for the MTV European Music Awards since the very first show and has photographed many of the world’s pop stars. We asked him to recall some of his favorite pictures and the celebrity story behind them. Katy Perry #92481612 / gettyimages.com I went to Paris to shoot Katy Perry and I must […]

Meet our crew covering the MTV Europe Music Awards 2014

From photographers to videographers, picture editors to producers, we will have a whole Getty Images crew covering the MTV Europe Music Awards in Glasgow on November 9th. Find out what their role is and what they’re looking forward to at the event: Julia Galleway, Event Manager What will you be doing at the event? Overseeing the […]

Brad Elterman | “Of all the photos I’ve taken, this one is my favorite.”

Brad Elterman rose to fame by pioneering backstage and behind-the scenes photography. Here he discusses photographing a young Joan Jett.

What’s in Samir Hussein’s kitbag to shoot at Glastonbury?

Photographer Samir Hussein shows us what’s in his kitbag to shoot at Glastonbury music festival. Cameras: 3x Nikon D4 I’ll carry 3 bodies with me whenever shooting live bands. This means I won’t have to change lenses and be instantly ready for any situation onstage or in the crowd when shooting from the photo pit. […]

Shirlaine Forest

Shirlaine is a highly accomplished Manchester UK based freelance photographer – specialising in music, fashion and portrait photography. Her work is published internationally on a daily basis – by such heavyweights as The Guardian, The New York Times, NME, Rolling Stone, The Telegraph and Vogue. She shoots regularly for clients including Adidas, BBC, Coca-Cola, The […]