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Photographer creates surreal landscape of meat (and it’s so captivating)

We’ve come a long way from the picturesque in our visions of the natural world. Artists are no longer bound by reality when it comes to depicting nature in the digital realm and photographers today are digging deep to uncover new ways to picture the environment. One of 2016’s major creative trends predicted by Getty […]

Shooting at Puzzlewood Forest, the inspiration for Lord of the Rings

Puzzlewood Forest in the UK is where Tolkien was inspired to write Lord of the Rings and so the perfect location for shooting concepts of wonder and exploration.

Three artists, three takes on nature

With its beauty, force and vulnerability, nature is one of the most compelling themes used in visual storytelling. Here are three ways visual artists illustrate concepts associated with the natural world, and how the outdoors play a leading role in their work:   Nimai Chandra Ghosh, Getty Images photographer  Embed from Getty Images   Photography […]

Uncovering the wonders of nature with Mike Gunton and David Trood

“The more people that have a connection with the earth and respect it and love it, the more people won’t want to hurt it, won’t want to destroy it and will want to protect it.” –Adventure photographer and videographer David Trood Creative Director of the BBC’s Natural History Unit Mike Gunton and Australian adventure photographer and […]

Mutant nature: Climate change’s trippy effect on commercial photography

“Visually, the story is about the natural world and repicturing what that means in the current climate.” As our relationship with the natural world becomes increasingly uneasy, photographers are exploring ways to challenge our ideas of its inherent power and mystery. Emerging from this is a trend we call “mutant nature,” the movement toward photographing […]

Geishas, jousting & eagle hunting: The ancient traditions connecting us with nature

In today’s world where technology leads the way, there is a yearning for a deeper, more spiritual meaning. People around the world hold onto ancient traditions connecting them with nature which are passed on from one generation to the next. Our photographers are in the furthest flung corners of the world capturing these customs: “Yuko […]

Brands love Mark Leary’s dreamy photos of nature (and we do, too)

“He sees the world in a unique way and he manages to capture that in an image.” View image | gettyimages.com Mark Leary’s imagery is dreamlike. Whether it’s magnificent snow-capped mountains or surfers at sunset, everything he shoots has a magical quality. His pictures convey universal concepts of wonder, adventure, exploration, living in the moment […]

Webinar | Wonderlust: tapping into the boundless beauty of nature

Re-watch our next visual trends webinar, to hear from Director of Visual Trends, Pam Grossman, as she discusses the latest trend of Wonderlust

Capturing our connection with nature

Discover the result when we invited our Flickr contributors to enter a competition to create imagery reflecting the relationship with the planet and our environment

Streeter Lecka: Surfing the bore tide in Alaska

One look at Streeter Lecka’s Twitter Bio, and you’ll know what he’s all about: “Blessed to travel the world and do what I love.”