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Photographer goes to great heights for shot of Olympic fencer Azza Besbes

This image is of fencer Azza Besbes, of Tunisia, at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. For me, it sums up what the Olympics is all about; that one moment after all those years of hard work. And getting the Olympic rings in the picture is the icing on the cake. We had amazing up-top access which […]

Olympic judo: Capturing exhaustion from above

I was shooting the 2012 Olympic judo competition for eight hours at the London ExCeL venue. The robotic camera I was working with had been set up for the wrestling events, but we were also using it to capture the judo competitions. The robotic cameras are great, as we get in places that we couldn’t […]

Setting new standards in sporting coverage

London 2012 saw Getty Images coverage of a major sporting event take another leap forward, in both quantity and quality. Ken Mainardis, our VP in charge of Sports Imagery and Services, talks about how it was done… and will continue to be done.

Richard Heathcote on how to shoot winter sports

Richard Heathcote, Sports Photographer for Getty Images, shares his expert insight on shooting winter sports.