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Small Cameras, Big Stories | Technology and point of view storytelling

Exciting developments in camera technology have levelled the playing field between professionals and amateurs  — so the battle now for programme-makers such as award-winning wildlife filmmaker John Downer is having to produce something better than the average person. The difference comes from investing into understanding the behaviour of the animal and devising a way to […]

The view from above: A photographer puts life in perspective with a unique vantage point

“You have a ton of things to consider — how high or low you want to be, the weather conditions, the quality of light — you have to make quick decisions to optimize your time in the air.” Daniel Barnes has a unique perspective of the world—literally. As a commercial helicopter pilot he gets to […]

From engineer to photographer: Story of an iStock contributor

This week, we sat down with Australian iStock photographer, David Freund, to get his thoughts on becoming a photographer, finding inspiration, his advice to aspiring photographers and predictions for image trends of the future.

Photographer overcomes vertigo to shoot these incredible twilight shots from a helicopter

Michael Hitoshi is best known for his ‘Twilight’ series which captures the transition between natural and artificial light at dusk.

Webinar | Wonderlust: tapping into the boundless beauty of nature

Re-watch our next visual trends webinar, to hear from Director of Visual Trends, Pam Grossman, as she discusses the latest trend of Wonderlust

Webinar | Small screen, big picture: How to make a visual impact on mobile

Watch our webinar to discover how to select the right visual content to make an impact with your brand’s mobile experience

Filmmaker uses ‘spy animals’ to get closer to tigers, dolphins and polar bears

“She came right up, sat down and lay down next to it and all her little cubs came running over. And within no time at all, they were lined up suckling in front of her. And I had the most incredible view I’ve ever seen of a lion.”

Sensorial travel | Adventures for all of the senses

We take a look at the trend of ‘sensory’ in the travel industry and see which brands are taking their audience on an immersive journey with breath-taking point-of-view perspectives and lush, high-impact imagery.

Point of view filmmaking | The obsession with getting ever closer

Audiences are always interested in experiencing stories through new points of view that draw them in, create closeness and capture the world in unseen ways. See how award-winning filmmaker John Downer has pioneered many spectacular techniques in wildlife filmmaking to truly immerse us into the unique world of the animal kingdom.

Point of view | Placing your customers centre stage

Point-of-view imagery plays with perspectives and positions the viewer in the heart of a story. See how advances in technology can help brands immerse customers in their storytelling.

Intimate and close up | Personifying brands through point-of-view storytelling

Interactive design expert, Cavan Huang describes how to differentiate your brand by telling stories from a human point of view.