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Visualizing the change – how to select images of authentic, powerful women

In our digital age visuals are everywhere. So it is crucial to observe what kind of messages those pictures are sending. A lot of the imagery we see every day shows an outdated or one dimensional view: men leading, women sidelined or sexualized, mothers and fathers in stereotypical roles. And although we’ve seen some really […]

Capturing an intimate moment: ‘I just see two women who love each other’

“Love is just love” Juri Pozzi knows how to make himself invisible. “Often when I’m taking a picture people don’t even notice me, and that’s what I like,” the iStock by Getty Images photographer said recently from his home in Florence, Italy. “It’s the only way to take very natural, candid pictures.” The intimate moment […]

Masculine Feminism: the new visual role for men

The Genderblend trend in visual communications is a fascinating one because there are so many facets to it. While an overall paradigm shift occurs in the way we talk about gender, things are also changing in how we represent it visually. And one of the biggest evolutions happening right now concerns the image of men. […]

Photographer calls for mainstream advertisers to include gay couples in their campaigns

“When we’re used to seeing this kind of imagery on a global scale, it will soften the hate in people.” Photographer Braden Summers felt frustrated with how gay relationships were often depicted in imagery, as either highly sexualized or hiding in the shadows – especially in cultures where acceptance is still a challenge. So the […]

Five brands who get girls right

Five campaigns that demonstrate how brands can make an impact with empowered women and girls

Watch Pam Grossman’s inspirational talk about repicturing women

Pam Grossman talks at The 3% Conference about repicturing women and the Getty Images Lean In partnership that is reimagining how we see women in advertising and visual communication.

Discover entries from Getty Images #RePicture the world competition

Explore some of the entries from the Getty Images #RePicture competition where semi-professional and amateur photographers are repicturing the world.

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Find out the winners from our #RePicture Turkey competition and discover some amazing entries through our editors top picks.

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Getty Images experts join in discussions during Advertising Week to share their expertise with attendees around visual trends, repicturing stereotypes, photojournalism and innovation.

Authenticity and simplicity key advertising trends highlighted at Spikes Asia

As Spikes Asia comes to a close, we look at some of the key takeaways from an event that featured 100 speakers from 88 companies, and provided inspiration and celebration around the creative work from the Asia-Pacific region.

Getty Images & Lean In on Closing the Gender Gap

Getty Images Pamela Grossman and Lean In’s Jessica Bennett examine the changing relationship we have with images and how we can use creativity to shape the future.

iStock Contributors | Joan Vicent Canto Roig #RePictures the world

iStock contributor Joan Vincent Canto Roig talks to Stories & Trends about the #RePicture campaign and what it means to him and his photography.

Angela Jimenez visualizes the power of senior athletes

Angela Jimenez shows the power of senior sports, breaking stereotypes and cliches about senior citizens by portraying them as serious athletes.

Jonathan Klein on why he fell in love with pictures

Co-Founder and CEO of Getty Images, Jonathan Klein shares a collection of his personal favorite images and talks about why they’ve been influential.

The Power of Picturing with Lean In, Cosmopolitan and BBDO

Jonathan Klein, Co-Founder and CEO, Getty Images and Sheryl Sandberg, CEO of Facebook and Founder of Lean In Org talk about the power of visuals to shape our world view.

Changing Faces charity challenges the notion of success

James Partridge, Chief Executive of charity Changing Faces challenges the notion of success as part of our outreach to repicture the world at Spikes Asia.