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Australia, Antarctica and awe: Two photographers find wonder in nature

Epic landscapes are becoming the concept of choice for many brands. These dramatic vistas capture our longing for wonder in every aspect of our lives, and brands across many industries beyond travel, like health, finance and technology, are playing on this.

Webinar | Wonderlust: tapping into the boundless beauty of nature

Re-watch our next visual trends webinar, to hear from Director of Visual Trends, Pam Grossman, as she discusses the latest trend of Wonderlust

Webinar | Small screen, big picture: How to make a visual impact on mobile

Watch our webinar to discover how to select the right visual content to make an impact with your brand’s mobile experience

A feast for the senses | Connecting with your audience through their appetite

Food photography has blown the concept of still life wide open, immersing us in the sensory and social experience of eating with extreme close-ups, slow motion, and time-lapse. See how the right imagery can have your readers salivating through their screens at your campaign.

Augmented reality | How brands are pushing the boundaries of mobile interaction

We caught up with Andy White from Spectre to talk about augmented reality and what this means for brands trying to connect with consumers.

Luxury inside out | Appealing to your audience with sensory immersion

Digital screens invite us not only to look and listen, but to touch as well. Luxury brands are playing with this notion through immersive imagery that stimulates – then surprises – all the senses. We take a look at the trend for visceral imagery amongst high-end brand advertising, and highlight campaigns that take us one step closer to a world of luxury.

Sensorial travel | Adventures for all of the senses

We take a look at the trend of ‘sensory’ in the travel industry and see which brands are taking their audience on an immersive journey with breath-taking point-of-view perspectives and lush, high-impact imagery.

Super Sensory | Connecting visually with your audience

Pam Grossman, Director of Visual Trends at Getty Images, explores the trend of super sensory visuals and how imagery that is more immersive drives an emotional connection with your audience.

Travel: Selling with Super Sensory Content

Selling travel has always been a visual business. The traditional method of booking a holiday was to visit a travel agency and pick up brochures full of sumptuous images. Essentially a visual representation of the experience you could expect to enjoy should you make a booking.

Cómo las imágenes pueden hacer que conectes más con tu público a través del móvil

Los móviles se están convirtiendo en el catalizador de las actividades de marketing de las marcas ya que más dispositivos y características permiten que las compañías muestren contenido visual de una forma más efectiva.

How visuals can drive a mobile connection

Mobile is now becoming the driving force behind brand’s marketing activities as more powerful handsets and features allow companies to showcase visual content more effectively.