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How using timeless visuals can boost your content marketing

Great visuals are critical to content marketing success – the challenge is to choose imagery that will keep your content looking fresh. Here are some tips to help you extend the life of your content marketing by selecting the right visuals.

Como o uso de visuais atemporais pode valorizar seu marketing de conteúdo

Visuais excelentes são fundamentais para o sucesso do marketing de conteúdo – o desafio é escolher imagens que mantenham a aparência de seu conteúdo sempre atual. Aqui estão algumas dicas para ajudá-lo a estender a vida do seu marketing de conteúdo selecionando os visuais certos.

Top 5 Small Business Mistakes – watch our Google+ Hangout

If you have big plans for your small business that aren’t quite coming together, we want to help. Find out from iStock and Brand Twist whether you’re making one or more of the 5 big branding mistakes that could be holding you back — or even putting you in legal hot water.

How to select the right visual content to use in your brand video

Video is a direct and powerful way to create impact for your audience. Choosing the right visual content to incorporate in your video is key to a successful production.

How to select music for your brand video

What are the ingredients of an effective brand video? High quality visuals are key to driving viewer engagement. Also just as important is the soundtrack, and advertisers are increasingly realizing this. According to IFPI, music license revenues are on the increase and a large part of this expanding market is related to corporate videos and advertising.

Finding images on the Web

Finding images on the Web: A quick internet search will bring up millions of images, many of which might be perfect for your project. Can you just download them and use them for free? We look at the issue of image copyright.

How images can transform your brand

The truth is simple: images beat words. In our social media age, pictures are far more likely than text to be retweeted, reposted and – above all – talked about.

How online video can drive conversion

With 1.3bn people watching an average of 180 videos each month, videos are a great way to showcase your brand and engage your audience