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Sparking change | Visualizing sustainable solutions in the energy sector

Visualizing sustainable solutions means visualizing a social narrative – a story about “us” acting together

Creating a spectacle | Raising awareness around energy conservation

A large scale visual spectacle using familiar icons helped Earth Hour create focus on an issue

Toby Smith: The Renewables Project

With the Renewables Project, Photographer Toby Smith provides a unique photographic vision of the hydroelectric landscapes of Scotland mid-winter

Capturing our connection with nature

Discover the result when we invited our Flickr contributors to enter a competition to create imagery reflecting the relationship with the planet and our environment

Interview: Ed Gillespie – Futerra

Ed Gillespie from specialist sustainability communications agency, Futerra tells us why the visual language around sustainability is becoming more aspirational

Visualising Sustainability

The evolution of sustainability and how innovative visual language around the interconnection between people, planet and profit can help brands inspire their customers

The Simple Life

The link between sustainability and a healthy lifestyle is a driver for brands to emphasise a link between their products and general wellbeing

Interview: Graham Hill – LifeEdited

LifeEdited Founder and entrepreneur Graham Hill gives us his perspective on how sustainability and business can go together in the sharing economy

Sustainability: Five Key Campaigns

Five campaigns that demonstrate how embedding principles of sustainability into a product or campaign creates long lasting empowerment and brand trust