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Visual trends snapshot | Exploring space

A visual trends snapshot looking at our fascination with the wonder of space, and the emergence of ‘space travel’ in culture and advertising

Visual trends snapshot | Haute gothique

As halloween approaches, a visual trends snapshot looking at the emergence of ‘Haute Gothique’ across culture and fashion

Five keyword trends that reflect our technology obsession

We look at some of the most popular search terms from the last month which confirm our obsession with all things technology

Leaning in | Looking back, forging ahead – the journey to repicture women

COO Facebook & Lean In Founder Sheryl Sandberg, Getty Images CEO Jonathan Klein and Getty Images Director of Visual Trends, Pam Grossman, reflects on the launch and success of the Lean In collection on its one year anniversary, and the ongoing opportunity to repicture women.

A feast for the senses | Connecting with your audience through their appetite

Food photography has blown the concept of still life wide open, immersing us in the sensory and social experience of eating with extreme close-ups, slow motion, and time-lapse. See how the right imagery can have your readers salivating through their screens at your campaign.

Luxury inside out | Appealing to your audience with sensory immersion

Digital screens invite us not only to look and listen, but to touch as well. Luxury brands are playing with this notion through immersive imagery that stimulates – then surprises – all the senses. We take a look at the trend for visceral imagery amongst high-end brand advertising, and highlight campaigns that take us one step closer to a world of luxury.

Sensorial travel | Adventures for all of the senses

We take a look at the trend of ‘sensory’ in the travel industry and see which brands are taking their audience on an immersive journey with breath-taking point-of-view perspectives and lush, high-impact imagery.

Webinar | Visual trends to drive your content marketing

Watch Getty Images Senior Art Director, Guy Merrill, as he outlines why visual consistency is important to your content marketing, and discover the latest creative trends that will make your brand stand out in the content marketing crowd.

Sparking change | Visualizing sustainable solutions in the energy sector

Visualizing sustainable solutions means visualizing a social narrative – a story about “us” acting together

Creating a spectacle | Raising awareness around energy conservation

A large scale visual spectacle using familiar icons helped Earth Hour create focus on an issue

Travel: visual representations of luxury through exceptional service

Despite the economic downturn, consumers are still seeking seemless service and the ultimate experience from travel

Real Life

The food, beverage and personal care products we put into – and onto – our bodies are an extension of who we are and what we believe as individuals and as a society