iStock by Getty Images’ talented art directors act as a creative backbone to develop and curate innovative, high-quality images and videos. Among them: Getty Images Senior Art Director William Bon.

Bon is involved with every part of the creative process and has developed his craft over 10 years in the photography industry, creating stunning, thoughtful imagery.

Producing innovative content is one of the most essential aspects of Bon’s role, which includes storyboarding shoot ideas, being on set for a photo or video production, helping to plan creative strategy, visiting customers or helping to grow the ranks of creative photographers shooting for Getty Images and iStock.

Every day is different from the next, and inspiration is everywhere.

“I’m inspired by technology and the way it changes the creative process,” Bon said. “I’m constantly scanning the web and publications for things that inspire me.  At the same time, I like looking at printed images, prints I can hold and touch and feel a connection to beyond digital. I also look around at the way people interact with each other and their environment and pull ideas from those moments.”

This collaboration between art directors and photographers fosters a truly symbiotic relationship, and they both have the same goal in mind: to create the best, most unique content available.

“We work with talent to ensure they’re shooting fresh ideas that target our clients’ needs, and thus help photographers license more images,” Bon said. “I have met very few photographers that do not value what an art director brings to a production.”

The high-end shoots Bill produces with Getty Images photographers influences how he is able elevate the work he creates with iStock Signature contributors.

“When I work with iStock Signature contributors I’ll look even closer at elements such as styling and casting, to make sure we’re producing high-quality content,” he said.


Running through the urban jungle

After conceptualizing an idea and shooting it, Bon is then tasked with selecting the freshest, most relevant content. What’s his strategy? He avoids overly-processed photos that have been dramatically altered, and instead, looks for a more natural, realistic look.

“I’m drawn to images that show real moments and are just slightly retouched to make them the best they can be,” Bon said. “Simple concepts, strong composition and showing familiar ideas in unexpected ways is what compels me. I want the images to inspire and be clever but not outlandish. I want to see craft in an image.”


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