After the longest and most divisive election in US history, the world watched with great interest as President Obama and President-elect Trump met in the Oval Office to begin the transition of power. Getty Images’ chief news photographer Win McNamee was there to capture the event.

Before stepping inside the Oval Office, McNamee, an award-winning photographer who has shot seven US Presidential elections, decided he wanted to show a wider frame of the room instead of focusing solely on the two Presidents.


“I thought it was important to show context since there was a great deal of national and international interest in showing these two men together for the first time. This meeting was a historically important moment and in a broader sense, there was a lot of significance in the room itself. On the walls of the Oval Office are paintings of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and while I was shooting this moment, I wondered what these presidents would think about the state of today’s national politics,” he said.

“The buzz of the photographers and reporters, the paintings of two of the most important US Presidents on the walls, and the current President and President-elect sitting together—all of these elements combined really displayed the excitement and significance of this moment.”

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