Each week our pictures make front covers of magazines and newspapers around the globe. In this series, we ask the photographers for the story behind their leading shots. 

Stuart Wilson captured this moment when a cast of Michelangelo’s Statue of David was unveiled at the V&A, London last week.

This is a picture of the unveiling of the 19th Century cast of the Statue Of David by Michelangelo at the V&A in London. I was invited to photograph the unveiling along with other news agencies before the museum opened, at the V&A’s huge ‘Cast Court.’ I decided to shoot this with various different lenses and at many different angles, but made sure the primary shot would be square on, undistorted, showing the curator in the frame for context and scale.

I had an idea that this event would be widely published as there was many other agency and newspaper photographers covering it, so I made sure I covered every angle.

My pictures were widely used; the Daily Mail online used eight shots in a feature, and a wide angle shot was one of the BBC News pictures of the day. I was delighted to see this shot on the front page of The Independent the following day.


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