Tanya Creel, Creative Services Manager at Valpak, used Premium Access to streamline her workflows and build a stronger, more effective team.

Who they are

Valpak – a leading distributor of local and national print and digital promotions

What they needed

A cost-effective, high-quality image solution to satisfy the increasing – and increasingly varied – promotional demands of a growing and diverse national client base.

How we helped

A high-volume, low-maintenance premium access image subscription helped Creative Services Manager Tanya Creel streamline her workflows and build a stronger, more effective team.


Q: How does your team use stock imagery?

A: In addition to being tasked with branding all Valpak collateral, many of our larger clients – like national department stores and pharmacies – use our design services to create their coupons. We use images on every envelope, every coupon and every banner for every client, so our need for images is huge and ongoing.

Q: Why did you choose to work with Getty Images?

A: Variety, first and foremost. With such diverse clients to support, my designers need images of literally everything you can think of. Plus, since last year, we’ve been aggressively building up our brands and our business, which has meant lots more requests for design and proposals. When I started with Valpak, I saw that we needed better imagery and more of it – covering tons of subject matter – to be really competitive. So my art directors researched our options, and Getty Images variety and cost really aligned perfectly with our needs. We get the biggest bang for our buck with Getty Images.

Q: How has Premium Access simplified your workflows?

A: The easy access to high volumes of high-quality images has helped us implement a new tactic to speed approvals for our holiday campaigns. Since we celebrate every retail holiday, this approval process is virtually ongoing, year-round. Approval rounds take about three weeks, escalating through multiple committees before a winner is chosen. In the past, one art director would submit three proposals for a holiday campaign, and after three weeks, we would often wind up with no winner and back at square one, round two. Now I’ve got all three Art Directors submitting three designs each for every holiday. With so many options – and such strong images – every first round produces a winner.

Q: Would you say the quality of your execution has risen overall?

A: Absolutely. Better quality and better range in imagery has elevated our designs – which in turn has elevated our relationships with the national sales team. We are now routinely recognized for producing excellent content – and not just internally! A major national retailer recently enlisted my team for design services after having seen the work we’d produced for their competitor. We love that.

Q: Do you ever use video or music from Getty Images?

A: We signed with Getty Images primarily for the stills, of course, but also because we saw that premium access included video. We often create informational videos for client presentations, how-to videos for client products – and a reel for our annual “coupon university.” The event takes place in a different city every year, and when they announced Tampa as the next location, I thought: “where are we going to get video of Tampa? I guess we can show beaches, dolphins, maybe a wide shot of a generic cityscape…?” And in the end, we found everything we needed to promote Tampa, specifically. Having the clips from Getty Images saved us so much time – and money – not having to run around the city producing video shoots. The video access has come in surprisingly handy for us.

Premium access is a fully customizable image solution that elevates your output and simplifies your process.


• Royalty-free images from Getty Images and iStock
• Exclusive images not available elsewhere
• Streamlined workflows
• Detailed reporting, automatic tracking
• One contract for all uses
• Unlimited indemnification
• Volumes that match your needs exactly


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