Inclusion and diversity are high on the global agenda; it’s an imperative for brands to reflect a truly authentic depiction of regional life. Marketers and advertisers are becoming increasingly regionalized, towing the tension between focusing on individualism, and producing content that speaks to diverse communities.

The U.S. Hispanic community has benefited from this rise, fuelled by the increasing population and proportion of Hispanic Millennials; a new generation of Hispanic consumers who are adopting U.S. culture whilst maintaining their heritage.

In media, the Motion Picture Association of America reported that U.S. Hispanics accounted for 32% of moviegoers in 2013. A statistic driving urgency to American TV & cinema to create visibility for this community.

Leading industry figures are helping to spearhead a move towards a bigger representation of Hispanic heritage. Female actors have risen in the ranks, from Sofia Vergara’s leading role in ‘Modern Family’, to Zoe Saldana’s leading role in ‘Guardians of Galaxy’ and ‘Aviator’, the highest ranking film of all time. The rise of U.S. Hispanic women is well represented in pop music too with Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Shakira, the latter having the most likes of any celebrity on Facebook. Elsewhere Alfonso Cuarón wrote and directed the 2013 mega global hit ‘Gravity’ and Guillermo del Toro for his screenplay credits on ‘The Hobbit Trilogy’. While in politics, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez is noted as a possible 2016 Vice President Candidate, representing the Republican party.

Hispanic Millennial’s are demanding to be seen, and as a result, their perspectives are being increasingly portrayed in media and advertising, and Hispanic focused advertising budgets soared during 2014. 2015 is predicted to be even better, transcending the community into the mainstream U.S. market, reported by AdAge’s 2014 Hispanic Fact Pack report. Core values of Millennials promote inclusion and humanity, and they are mystified by the ethnic prejudices that have dogged their parents.

People of Hispanic descent make up 17% of the U.S. population, and 56% of total U.S. population growth since the last decade as reported in the U.S. census. Pew Research also reported the birth rate amongst Hispanic ethnicities is forecast to reach 2.5 by 2050, the highest birthrate of all ethnicities. This will spark a knock-on effect to the proportion of Hispanics globally. Their expendable wealth is aligned with this growth, with huge growth predictions in their purchasing power, reported to exceed its current $1 trillion in 2014, increasing to $1.5 trillion by 2015, as reported by Nielsen Study. The U.S. Hispanic community are early adopters for technology too, coming in at second highest tablet users in the U.S. after Caucasians, of any race or ethnicity. 28.1 million Hispanics – 19.1% of all U.S. tablet users have tablets reported at Making television adverts and digital social media campaigns powerful tools for marketers.

Which is no surprise as to why Hispanic advertising agencies are flourishing, armed with these hefty statistics, they’re commanding attention, closing the gap on marginalization. Hispanic marketing agencies are up by 14.2% compared to 2013, and major brands and advertising agencies are pioneering this upward trajectory, Procter & Gamble reported 36% more spend in 2014 and AT&T saw a 26% rise.

Walmart spent $60 million in advertising campaigns targeted at Hispanic audiences, alongside McDonalds and L’Oreal who both reported steep surges in their 2014 spending for this sector.

At Getty Images, we have also been tracking this upsurge, with U.S. sales of Hispanic content up 20% in 2014 from 2009.

Advertising in 2014 saw Hispanics begin to take centre stage in the U.S., helped by several key campaigns.

J.C. Penny collaborated with AOL for their “The Gift of New Tradition” Thanksgiving campaign, documenting Hispanic families’ traditions for Thanksgiving with other holidays to follow in 2015. KFC focuses on a young family busily preparing as their guest arrive for the holiday season.

Coca-Cola garnered controversy for its ‘Big Game’ campaign debuted during Super Bowl 2014. The advert shows a reinterpretation of the U.S.A. anthem to convey the nation’s contemporary cultural diversity – with U.S. Hispanics featuring highly throughout.

AT&T, AmerIca’s second-largest wireless network and advertiser, injected Hispanic flair to its ‘Mobile Movement’ campaign platform, in order to court the Hispanic millennial market. Its striped back, authentic and diverse casting add to its success as the viewer is taken though a bilingual snapshot of youth culture.

McDonald’s highlighted a modest setting for its World Cup advert ‘House Divided’ – a simple lifestyle story about friends and families coming together, by the agency Alma Zeroes.

J.C. Penny’s advert from the World Cup “Pulse” put U.S. Hispanics at the centre stage again, airing their ad in both English and Spanish, positioning J.C. Penny’s as the department-store destination for Hispanics.

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