Yes we all have heard it before, an image is worth 1,000 words.  This is being solidified through the fact that we can easily use images as short cuts in their messaging on our mobile devices and is one of the key drivers behind the continued interest of consumers to connect through visual content in their everyday communication.

The mobile is becoming our prime screen, through which we not only communicate, but also access and consume content. According to YouTube  40% of its traffic now comes through mobile devices and 45% of FT’s online users view content on their mobiles. The impact on brand communication is clear, in the UK mobile advertising is said to overtake the newspaper and magazine advertising market in 2015 and the TV ad spend in 2016.

Leading content and mobile advertising platforms like Facebook and Twitter are starting to sell more rich media, video and in-feed promotions which are going to be enjoyed by consumers on larger, brighter, sharper screens, making the experience of mobile advertising much more enjoyable. The changes Apple introduced in September 2014 for the iPhone 6, will be central to mobile advertising and will affect more than 40% of smart phone users in the US.

As our world is becoming increasingly mobile and ever more visual in everyday consumer communication, understanding imagery is becoming a brand requirement. Advertisers and marketers need to know the platforms consumers use and create or curate visual content that fits the purpose of their communications to truly unlock the richness that mobile advertising now has to offer. Mobile advertising is no longer limited to the promotional formats that platforms propose, but also includes native promotional messages on various social platforms and as Leverage’s social media infographic highlights, there’s plenty of opportunity to connect to consumers.

Using visual content in mobile campaigns to drive the connection to your audience has several big advantages:

  • Visuals express ideas quickly and have a better chance of breaking through the clutter to capture the audience’s attention.
  • People love visual content. The richer you make it the more impactful the connection that your content will make.
  • Visuals are social-media-ready, they exist to be shared.

Putting visual content at the top of your mobile advertising strategy will help to create campaigns that get noticed, communicate to consumers with impact and encourage engagement.

It’s time to show not tell!

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