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Mike Marsland

It’s not unusual to photograph the Beckhams individually these days, so when you get a chance to take a picture of them together, it’s always nice. This is one of those shots where you either get lucky with the light or crash and burn. Thankfully, the shadows and light seemed to work in my favour. Along with the little look of love from Mr. B to the wife.

Karwai Tang

As this was a big premiere, I decided to use a remote camera as well to capture a different perspective at the event. Shooting on the remote camera is always hit or miss, but this time I got lucky. Not only did I catch a flash from another photographer but also one from the general public. Most rewarding was when I found out this image was used in Vanity Fair Italy on a double page spread!

Gareth Cattermole

For the first time I had a AAA (access-all-areas) pass for the MTV EMAs to shoot my Alternative View project. The idea was to create an intimate behind the scenes look at the show, incorporating as many angles as possible. Once the show started, I spent most of it moving between the stages. I knew Ed Sheeran would be performing at the very front of the catwalk style stage and I envisaged the shot of him being wide. For this reason, I shot on a Nikon 24-70 f2.8 with the whole arena as the backdrop, but I didn’t anticipate the falling silver which really makes the shot.

Vittorio Zunino Celotto

I was waiting for models in a corner backstage, ready to shoot some beauty shots with my brand new ring flash. Looking in the mirror, I saw an incredible face with amazing makeup. The singer Polly Fey was on her way to the catwalk to perform during the show. We took just 3 shots. Such a nice person!

Tim P. Whitby

I took this shot at the official switching on of the Westfield Christmas Lights. I’ve photographed Rita Ora before but this time she seemed to exude a real lust for life and put on an energetic performance. I think the smoke machine and lights really added to the atmosphere. During a live performance, you need to try and stay focused on the performer while waiting for a moment. It’s great when your concentration pays off with a shot like this. Catching Rita’s hair flying up and the great expression on her face was a combination of being ready at the exact moment and a bit of luck!

Samir Hussein

This photo was taken at the finale of the MTV EMAs where Slash performed with Myles Kennedy and Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro. For a brief period there were bursts of fire coming up from the stage and I thought it would make a spectacular image if I could photograph the flames coming up around Slash as he went into one of his famous guitar riffs. Focusing in on the former Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist, I was able to time and expose my shot just as the fire came, capturing the intensity of this rock icon.

Rob Ball

I love shooting atmosphere at shows, and capturing the audience as well as the acts performing. Normally with the ‘first 3’ rule (Editor’s note: photographers are only permitted to shoot during the first 3 songs of a performance) in London venues, this isn’t possible. I was delighted when I was given permission to shoot Asking Alexandria’s whole show at the Roundhouse, as I knew the atmosphere and the crowd would be amazing. I was delighted when I captured this frame. The lighting and position was perfect.

Pascal Le Segretain


Band Aid 30 has been an incredible event to cover and I am proud to have participated in such a noble cause. My mission for this shoot was to capture the song recording of ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’ the French version, translated and written by Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. In this image Carla is seen posing for Contour photographer Francois Berthier.

Gareth Cattermole

It’s very cold working outside at this time of year but the positive thing is that the evenings get dark a lot quicker. This really helps with backgrounds for images, especially at premieres because if you can position yourself in the right place, you can almost get a perfectly black backdrop. I shot the entire UK Premiere of ‘Unbroken’ on a Nikon Ds with a Nikon 200-400 f4 lens just concentrating on headshots to try and create the look of a portrait session. I worked on the images after by removing some of the lights in the background and enhancing the light from the side.

Mike Marsland

At some jobs, you only find out there’s a strict black-tie code when you arrive so I’m glad I suited up for this event, as the job was a good one. For some reason, I aways feel under pressure photographing Sienna Miller, I want to get the picture right and I’m glad this one did work with a little help from Photoshop and my 1dx raw file. I was able to catch what I think is a beautiful moment in time.

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