Here are the Top 10 European entertainment photos for the month of October chosen by our panel of photographers and experts. Read the photographer’s stories behind the images and scroll down to vote for your favorite.

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Gareth Cattermole

I think it rained constantly during the 58th BFI London Film Festival which will get most people down but when you have to work outside and are totally open to the elements, it’s no fun. The only positive from all this rain was it helped me to create one of my best shots this year and one I am particularly proud of. When Reese Witherspoon arrived on the red carpet for her premiere of ‘Wild,’ it was pouring down and usually the talent are handed an umbrella to hold themselves leaving all images rather pointless. However this time, one of her security took the umbrella to shelter her as much as he could while she posed. I walked around directly behind them shooting towards the pen of photographers hoping to catch one of their flashes going off. The flash I did catch was perfect as you can’t actually see it. It’s quite low in front of them but it creates a beautiful rim light and catches all the tiny rain drops creating a very beautiful image from a very very wet evening.

Andreas Rentz

I was taking pictures backstage during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Istanbul when I saw this model wrapped in a dress with a tulip shaped collar.  Her mysterious eyes fascinated me so much. I took this image in a quiet moment when she was lining up to walk the runway. The yellow of her dress punctuates the clarity of her blue eyes.

Chris Jackson

As the Getty Images Royal Photographer I often get to witness a lot of ‘pomp and ceremony’ – something that the Brits do very well. Whilst you are always focused on capturing images of the Royal principles, it’s often the slightly different images not featuring them I keep an eye out for. This was a commanding officer in the Household Cavalry getting his troops in order ahead of the Official Welcome for the Singapore State visit at Horseguard’s Parade.

Stuart Wilson

My shot of Sienna Miller was taken from a window of the Hampshire Hotel ‎in Leicester Square during the London Film Festival. I was lucky enough to be assigned this position that one of my colleagues helped secure, so I tried to make the most of it. I was shooting on a 300mm and 70-200mm, waiting for the red carpet to clear of guests and PR staff. Sienna turned up quite late and seemed to be constantly moving, but she paused briefly towards the special access photographers facing me and I managed to get this frame.

Mark Holloway

I love gigs like this – I knew it was going to be amazing but it was actually stunning. I love Ella’s voice and her stage presence. It was a hard gig to shoot with loads of strobes and backlights, so I massively overexposed to ensure that every moment was captured. The vignette effect on my lens really adds to the frame. I am still buzzing from this gig and think it’s going to be the my favorite gig of the year.

Tim Whitby

I was lucky enough to shoot the ‘Fury’ press conference while on assignment for the BFI during the London Film Festival. Brad Pitt was very animated during the conference and I caught this shot just as he glanced at me. I was happy with the shot as I thought it had the feel of a character portrait and converting it to black and white emphasized that feeling.

Neil Lupin

Ella Eyre is this year’s breakthrough sensation and she has been widely photographed as a result. Getting something different is always a challenge with concert photography as we are generally stuck with shooting three songs from the pit. This shot wouldn’t have happened without additional access as I was allowed to shoot the whole show. With Ella, it’s all about trying to capture the intensity of her show, her amazing voice and her equally beautiful hair in a single frame. Late on in the set, she retreated to the back of the stage and rapidly span around a few times, whirling her hair in the process. Technically it was a real challenge in those few seconds to get a sharp and well exposed shot of her face when I could barely see it, but I knew exactly what I wanted from that brief moment. I held my breath when I checked the shots after to see how they’d come out and was relieved as it was the defining moment of an explosive show. Even though you can only see part of her face, she remains instantly recognisable.

Ian Gavan

It’s my fourth season shooting for IMG Fashion during Istanbul Fashion week, hence I see some of the same faces from season to season. It’s nice to build a rapport and get to know some of the girls as it generally paves the way to more engaging back stage work if they’ll give you a second or two in first looks to get some more considered work. In this shot, Polish model Aleksandra Niewczas stood silhouetted in the back light. I’d not worked with her before but, luckily she was a team player and gave me those few seconds. Technically, the light filtering through her mad hair style looked kinda cool, so it only required a splash of golden light back in to her face to make her glow.

Gareth Cattermole


I am a massive Sherlock Holmes fan and I literally had about a minute to shoot Benedict. I had set up two different backdrops to get two different looks and this was from the second and final one which would have had to go if time ran out. I am glad it didn’t as this is one of my favourite portraits I have taken. I love the lighting and the colour of the final portrait which is very fitting for his character and bone structure.

Samir Hussein

My shot of Keira Knightley was taken on the opening gala of the London Film Festival, where she was the star attraction. There were heavy showers throughout the premiere, but for a brief minute the rain stopped and Keira dazzled. During this moment I used a 300mm lens to capture Keira with available light, resulting in an image which captured her elegance.

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