Discover the iStock and Enterprise Nation webinar discussing how to brand your business. 

Enterprise Nation and iStock hosted a webinar presenting top tips on how to build an effective visual brand for your small business, which highlighted the importance of defining your identity, how to present it and advice on how to keep it consistent and refreshed.

The webinar was hosted by Enterprise Nation founder, Emma Jones and presented by Rebecca Swift, Director of Creative Planning at iStock. Emma and Rebecca covered everything from the power of imagery, adopting a tone of voice, and creating brand guidelines so your business can scale and grow.

The webinar forms part of a series that is helping small businesses make better use of visual communication.

Webinar | How to brand your business from Getty Images on Vimeo.

About the Speakers

Emma Jones, MBE

Emma is founder of Enterprise Nation and co-founder of StartUp Britain. Emma joined international accounting firm Arthur Anderson, before starting her own business in 2000. Emma has since written a number of best-selling business books, including Spare Room Start-Up, Working 5 to 9 and Go Global.

Rebecca Swift

Rebecca joined the photography industry over 20 years ago and was one of the founding members of the creative research team at Getty Images. She has published many trend reports and acts as a visual brand consultant for global corporations.

Keep an eye out for the best questions from the webinar that will be featured on Stories and Trends next week. 

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