Research has shown that video can increase engagement with content in multiple ways – from increased brand perception, to better landing page conversion and sharing of viral content. It has become a ‘must-have’ part of content marketing for both B2B and B2C businesses.

But how do you incorporate video into your content marketing strategy? What role can it play as part of your brand, and how do you create engaging and impactful video content?

Join Getty Images Senior Video Director, Alwyn Gosford as he outlines tips on how to engage your audience through video content marketing, and his checklist for creating impactful video content to drive engagement and conversions.


Recorded: Wednesday, 13th August 2014

Watch: via or the video below

About the presenter: Alwyn Gosford, Getty Images Senior Video Art Director

Alwyn was a Picture Researcher and Photography Art Director before moving into video in 1997 as Getty Images started to grow it’s video collection. After placements in Toronto and Los Angeles, he is now based in London where he works with independent filmmakers and production companies from across Europe to develop and realize video shoots for use across advertising and media, as well as hosting video training sessions for both contributors and clients.