“I mainly shoot with natural or ambient light for street style and the catwalk, respectively, as it’s all about capturing the moment as the naked eye would see it.”



Nikon D800 x 2 bodies just to be safe.

If I’m backstage or at an event I will probably use both bodies and 2 different types of lens so as not to miss a shot. It’s also always great to have 2 camera bodies on the road in case one malfunctions.

Sigma 70 -200mm f2.8 , Nikon 50mm f 2.8, a Nikon 85mm F1.4 and a Nikon 24mm – 85mm f2.8 – f4 which I used to take this pic!

I use mostly the 50mm and 85mm to shoot street style as the wide f stop means I can use the natural daylight to my full advantage and gently blur out the backgrounds in full length shots and portrait style head shots. Backstage the Sigma is great for shooting across the room for more candid pics and the 24mm – 85mm zoom lens is great for the flexibility of shot depending on how tight a space I’m in as its quite wide. It also has a macro function perfect for shooting beauty details such as Nails, lips and eyes.

Lights & background:
I mainly shoot with natural or ambient light for street style and the catwalk, respectively, as it’s all about capturing the moment as the naked eye would see it.

Front Row of events and backstage pictures tend to be much more stylized and posed therefore my Nikon SB – 900 is perfect as it is quick to focus with an infrared distance sensor that helps measure how much light to push out and is very consistent when used alongside a Turbo SC Quantum battery pack. I do however shoot flash free backstage also to get a mix of documentary style and posed shots.

I use a CB mini RC bracket that allows my flash to sit just in the right place by the side of my lens so I get an awesome even spill of flash light regardless of whether I’m shooting vertical or horizontal shots.

Miscellaneous Items:
Of course I bring my Macbook Pro and iPad Air. The Macbook to edit, process and send pictures every evening then the iPad for myself or my assistant to type up my street style lists that we take down during the day of who’s wearing what and everyone’s names so we can tag the images later that night. Not all street style photographers go to the effort of fully crediting their images with full name and clothing details, and I pride myself in trying to supply Getty Images with as much detail as possible, as I think they become much more usable for editors and brands to see literally who is wearing what. My iPad also helps me to keep up-to-date with emails when out and about in the day — otherwise they tend to pile up — and also to write articles and the odd interview on my lunch breaks as I do occasionally get asked.

It’s great to shop online the latest trends in the evening that I’ve just seen in the day as I like to be on trend too and fashion can be quite addictive when you’ve seen it worn well or with a new twist!

I also take my compact flash memory cards, chargers, batteries, all cables, Raybans, Nikes…I walk about 8 – 10 miles a day shooting street style so comfortable shoes are a must.

And finally my passport, business cards, show passes and invites and a good red lipstick. It is fashion week 🙂

Watch Kirstin Sinclair in action at London Fashion Week.