“The most famous woman in the world hugging an HIV-positive baby did more to destigmatize the disease than anything before.”

In recognition of World AIDS Day, we share a mix of moving and inspirational images, showing the lives and communities affected by the disease.

When Phoebe Awuco, of Ayala, Uganda, lost her children to #AIDS, she not only stepped in to raise her grandchildren, but also became an advocate within her community. As a community mobilizer and head of the Self Help Women Group Alita Kole, she gives back to others and travels her town by bike, counseling local women on their reproductive health. Her local group is supported by Reproductive Health Uganda, a non-profit organization that provides sexual and reproductive health services. This picture of Phoebe was taken by Getty Images Reportage photographer Jonathan Torgovnik, as part of a collaboration between Getty Images and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to create a photo library showing empowered women in sub-Saharan Africa. Image: Phoebe Awuco visits the home of a woman in her group to talk about family planing options | July 19, 2014 | : @Torgovnik for The Hewlett Foundation / @gettyreportage | #WorldAIDSDay #WAD2015 #GivingTuesday A photo posted by Getty Images (@gettyimages) on

Dominic Suaso, 16, has been HIV-positive since birth. His mother died from #AIDS when he was young and he now lives with his grandmother. He says that, more than anything, he wishes he could have met his mother. He is public with his HIV because he says there is nothing to be ashamed of and people should accept him for who he is. Dominic is from the Garifuna community, a group of Afro-Carribean descendants of West African slaves, that live on the Caribbean coast of Honduras. It’s a community with its own language and a rich tradition of dance and music. It also has one of the highest #HIV rates of any community in the western hemisphere. Over the past 10 years, medicines have become more widely available and access to health care has improved, but there are still obstacles to HIV treatment and prevention, such as the stigma and discrimination felt by people living with HIV. #WorldAIDSDay #WAD2015 This photo was taken by David Rochkind, a featured contributor to @GettyReportage, who runs Rochkind Motion, a visual media production company specializing in telling the stories of NGOs and development organizations. He is based in Washington D.C. A photo posted by Getty Images (@gettyimages) on