The 1975 by Christie Goodwin

The 1975 were one of the most popular touring bands of 2014. Christie’s decision to shoot this image in black and white creates a gothic feel which works so well with the detail in the picture and the wonderful lit-up dry ice that frames the singer.

Johannes Eckerstrom of Avatar by Gary Wolstenholme

For me, it’s all about colors and lines in this image. The sharp detail of the subject’s face and the energy caught in his smile. Gary is an experienced festival photographer, and I love the way he has captured something that was shot from a distance and turned it into an image that feels up close and personal.

Ella Eyre by Mark Holloway

Ella Eyre seems to be one of the most well-photographed artists of the moment. I really like the moment Mark has captured here and the creative use of stage lighting and vignetting that he created in his camera when he took the shot.

Foxes by Neil Lupin

Neil has used the artist’s name as a perfect backdrop for this image. It works well with the moment captured. The angle that this picture was taken from coupled with the framing makes this image very pleasing to the eye.

Huntress by Christie Goodwin

The expression on the singer’s face captured in this image is one that fills me with joy. This lady loves to give it all she’s got and Christie has really caught that enthusiasm in this moment.

Mick Jagger by Nigel Waldron

Clear as crystal, the detail on Mick Jagger’s face makes this one a classic image for all those Rolling Stone’s fans.

Dolly Parton by Samir Hussein

Dolly Parton defined Glastonbury 2014 for me and for so many others who attended. I love the way that Samir has caught this personal eye to eye contact with Dolly in this image.

Vintage Trouble by Neil H Kitson

Vintage Trouble are a fun energetic band to see live and Neil most certainly portrays that with this moment he has captured. The facial expressions, arms in the air and even the drummer’s pose contribute to the greatness of this shot.

Selah Sue by Dimitri Hakke

I love the creative use of stage lighting and framing of this shot; the colors and lines are beautiful.

Scott Roberts of Biohazard by Gary Wolstenholme

This moment in the air is captured perfectly, almost like he’s jumping right into the camera, and this makes it one of my top picks.

Pelle Almqvist from The Hives by David Wolff

I loved this picture from the very moment I first set eyes on it. The festival stage with its fabulous lighting against the sky at dusk makes for a perfect backdrop in this well-captured moment.

Carl Barat of The Libertines by Rob Ball

Like something from a film about angels, we have the lovely Carl Barat outlined in white shafts of light. His stance is very fitting for the mood of this picture.

Ella Eyre by Ollie Millington

This image brings me right to the moment it was captured. I love the sheer energy Ollie has captured in this shot. The lighting front and back perfectly highlights the jump.

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