From the ski slopes of the Sundance Film Festival, to the famous red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, we take you around the world to the biggest entertainment events each year, with our 100-plus esteemed photographers and videographers capturing over 6,000 new entertainment images each day.

Entertainment Photographer Michael Buckner photographed the hottest entertainment events around the world in 2014,  from red carpets to concert stadiums. Here, he talks about some of his best images from 2014:

At the after-party for DirecTV’s ‘Kingdom‘ in Venice Beach, actual MMA fighters were hired to showcase the sport. I hadn’t been this close to a fight like this before and was really impressed by how these fighters lay it all on the line. I shot these two teammates cheering on a fighter with my Fujifilm x-pro 1 and 35mm lens in black and white. In the background is a pair of legs from a body slam.

I had a deal this year to photograph all of StubHub’s ‘Next Stage’ Concert Series, which sent me to San Francisco, Nashville, Chicago and Brooklyn featuring acts on the verge. In Chicago, at the legendary Lincoln Hall, Trombone Shorty performed his heart out. I’ve shot a lot of concerts, and this crowd was more energized than any other rock and roll show. At the end of his performance, Trombone Shorty raised his instruments as the crowd roared. Luckily, I was hired to shoot the entire show, not just the usual three song limit. It pays to stick around until the end.

In the melee of after-parties for award shows, it feels like a miracle to get one of the shots that defines the Emmys. All the ‘dot.coms’ (People, US Weekly, InStyle etc.) ran this picture of Sarah Paulsen and Jessica Lange after her win for Best Actress in a Dramatic Series. Lange, who is perpetually press shy, gave a little bit of a smile while holding her award and Sarah Paulsen gave me a good reaction when I told her to “act like you’re having a good time”.


The Downton Abbey actress showed up early for the BAFTA Tea Party, pretty much while I was still setting up my lights for the portrait studio. But sometimes all you need is a couple of seconds and a colorful dress to make a nice portrait.



Lizzy Caplan came through the portrait studio for the Critic’s Choice Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, and in similar speedy fashion struck a few different poses. This one came after I asked her to “act like you’re searching for something!”

Jena Malone hosted the For Love And Lemons ‘Skivvies’ party where she performed her song, ‘Dead Rabbit Hopes’ in white lace lingerie. I think that is enough said on that.

One of the biggest movies of the year is ‘Mockingjay: Part 1’. My client Samsung, hosted a group of super fans along the carpet and I was tasked with capturing selfies of the fans with the stars of the movie. The girl in the picture is Chelsea Boyce, who won a contest to fly from her small town in the midwest to come to the premiere. I didn’t even know this at the time, but sometimes those stars align. Best of all, she took the selfie with her Samsung S5 with Katniss herself, actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Legendary Italian actress Sophia Loren knows how to make a great photo. She’s been doing it for five decades now, with no sign of slowing down. With her trademark red scarf and a willingness to jump in the pit with all these photographers at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, Loren grabbed a photographer’s Nikon and started shooting! I wonder if she got the image credit for the shots she took!

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