Ming Yeung is a Cameraman and Editor for the UK Entertainment Video Team making his day to day life full of photo calls, red carpets and award ceremonies. This access into a world unknown to many, has made for very popular content on his Instagram account, @indieboy which has grown steadily during 2014.

Getty Images: When did you start your Instagram account?
Ming Yeung: I’m a geek and an early adopter. I downloaded Instagram when it first came out. At first I thought it was a novel way of being able to edit images stylistically in a few taps but then I started sharing images from behind the scenes at events I was covering.

Why did you choose to share your images on Instagram?
There are so many platforms nowadays for photo sharing. I love using Instagram for the ease of use and its community. There are some amazing mobile phone photographers out there and some really interesting ideas. I also love how it allows you to create the images you want, by using the filters.

What is special about the platform?
My background is in photography. I learned my craft on film, processing and printing in the darkroom. I adopted digital very quickly and my laptop became my darkroom. To be able to share an image in a couple of taps on my mobile phone is amazing, photography has become so accessible. I’m also all about the metadata, as an Editor it’s important to use the right hashtags which make it easy to find and discover images.


Your account gives a glimpse at the entertainment world from a behind the scenes point of view. Why do you think people are fascinated by this angle?
It surprises me sometimes how people discover and like some of my images. I could have a shot of One Direction and it will get 20 odd likes but then I’ll post a picture of my Sony PMW 500 on the red carpet and it gets way more likes! The view I give, behind the scenes, shows the chaos around what you normally see and gives more context to the event or celebrity. It’s a more candid view.

What else do people not know about what goes on behind the scenes at these events?
There is so much! The time spent waiting at events in all the elements. Also, how I’m taking some of these shots, I’m very good at shooting video on my ENG camera and taking a picture on my iPhone 5S. There is a skill to doing it right without compromising the quality of either. There is also the editing process. Sometime I’m getting pictures out on Instagram before my peers in the photo pen have even downloaded their cards.

What kind of pictures get the most reaction on your account?
It’s normally pictures of my cat or my kit! Otherwise, it’s the shots where you can see the celebrities and the media scrum around them.

Have you ever had a ‘like’ from a celebrity you have photographed?
I’ve had a few and it always surprises me because there are so many fan pages or fake accounts. I do a lot of research to make sure it is their real account before getting excited. I’ve had Uma Thurman like my pictures of her signing autographs for the red carpet of ‘Nymphomaniac Vol 1 & 2’ at the Venice Film Festival and Paris Hilton liking my SloMo footage of her and Nikki Hilton arriving at the Valentino show at Paris Fashion Week SS14.

The biggest kick for me is when some of our photographers like my images. To me they are the real celebrities. If some of the world’s best photographers like a picture of mine, I must be doing something right.

Here are some of Ming’s favorite pictures from 2014:

#fashionista taking a #selfie at the #ninaricci #fashion #show at #parisfashionweek A photo posted by Ming Yeung (@indieboy) on

  #justinbieber #photocall @amfar #gettyvip #gettyvideo #gettycannes #gettyimagesentertainmentvideo @gettyvip   A photo posted by Ming Yeung (@indieboy) on

#robertpattinson #actor #poses for a #selfie with a #fan @gettyvip #gettyvip #gettyvideo A photo posted by Ming Yeung (@indieboy) on

#robinwilliams #frontpage #news A photo posted by Ming Yeung (@indieboy) on

  #photoeditors #behindthescenes #gettyimages #berlinale #64thinternationalberlinfilmfestival #berlinfilmfestival2014   A photo posted by Ming Yeung (@indieboy) on

How do you juggle your videographer duties with capturing content for your account?
It’s not easy but my editorial duties come first. I never compromise my work, the Instagram stuff is always secondary. I’ve managed to hone it to a skill balancing an ENG Camera on one shoulder whilst focusing and setting the exposure on my iPhone!

Name three of your favorite Instagram accounts.
That’s a tough one. I love the @Olloclip page. I love how far mobile photography has come and simple attachments like this gives a whole different view and the quality is amazing. I love what Olloclip photographers are doing. I also love @theboywiththebubblegun, his imagery really stands out for me. It’s candid, simple and doesn’t over use filters, very important. The third, I really can’t decide. All of the Getty Images photographer really – @GarethGetty @IanGav and @Photoben have some amazing images.

Is there one particular filter you like to use on your account?
I used to use Amor a lot. I loved the muted cool feeling it gives, and in the glaring lights of the environments I work in, this filter suits works well on my pictures. Since the latest update where users have a lot more control over the image, I tend to use Inkwell for my black and whites with a few manual tweaks or just tweaking the image manually. Filters can look good but I like keeping the image simple nowadays.

What would you like to see next from the platform?
Hi-res images. It’s kind of a shame when you upload to Instagram the images get reduced in size. It makes printing images a little tricky. I would love to be able to print a couple of posters from some of my Instagram pictures.

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